Hide Your IP Address Guard Online Privacy

Hide IP Address Safe is a reliable privacy software capable of hiding your IP address to hide internet traffic and your real location while browsing. You can surf anonymously and access blocked websites easily with Hide IP Address Safe.

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Wide Range of IP Address

More than 50 IP addresses from more than 30 different countries, such as USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, Netherland, Portugal, Brasil, Chile, Japan and so on.


Extremely Easy to Use

Hide your IP address and real location with just one-click. Automatically choose the IP address you used last time when startup. Automatically reconnect when connection dropped.


Fully Featured Customized Settings

You may select the applications you want to hide traffic for, or redirect all traffic of your PC. You can keep the same IP address as long as you like or let Hide IP Address Safe to choose a new IP every 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes automatically.


Government-level Privacy Protection

All traffic between you and the servers are encrypted. DNS lookups are also redirected, protect all your online activities from being traced.