How to Effectively Protect Our Privacy Online

Internet Privacy is among the hottest topic of conversation since last year. Even though websites have become much secure, hackers on the other hand have become equally smart. In the year 2005 nearly 1.6 million incidents of identity thefts were reported and in the year 2012, this count reached to 16.6 million. Irrespective of whether there is significant internet privacyloss or not, identity thefts could result in extremely poor credit requiring opening brand new accounts in addition to undue stress. If private information of yours reaches government or corporation hands, it can cost you heavily. In order to keep a control on online privacy there have been several internet privacy tools made available that can offer large amount of protection. Moreover, there are several privacy software that offer high level of protection to your system. Let us see some other effective ways of protecting online privacy of yours.

  • Keep changing your passwords often. The first and foremost mistake that users do is keeping an easy password. It has been seen that out of 10 users, 4 will have pretty common password. This makes approximately three-fourth of all internet users highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. At first users should check how strong their passwords are. Cybercriminals and hackers have all kinds of password breaking tools and they make use of all kinds of methods and techniques for cracking your password. Hence it is suggested to keep password that contains four to six random words that could be combination of numbers, acronyms, phrases, capital letters, small letters, and special characters. This should be done for all important account passwords like email account, e-commerce account, bank account, social networking site accounts, and so on. Moreover, make sure that your browser isn’t saving your password. For this you can make some changes in your browser settings. Entering each time when logging in to some account could be tiresome or irritating but it is worth it as it would save you from various kinds of internet crimes.
  • Enable 2-step authentication. It is quite simple and should be among the first things that one must do post changing their passwords. In this method, there is 2nd step created to log-in to your different accounts online. Rather than just inputting password, you’ll be asked unique code that will be texted to the phone number that is registered. This is second protection layer that your password must be comprised of. Websites using 2-step authentication include PayPal, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Accounts like YouTube, Gmail, etc., Microsoft accounts, LastPass, and so on. At times it could seem as a hassle but it is a way to restrict incorrect users from accessing others account as well as users to access account when using some new device.
  • Be very cautious when using public WiFi. Nowadays several public spots are there where you can access free of cost internet but prior to accessing them you need to be quiet careful. Obviously it is highly convenient when one is travelling but it makes their private information easily vulnerable to hackers. Hackers make use of these public_wifi_securityconventionally unsecured networks for gaining access to baking information, password, and other private information of users. This is known as man in the middle attack. Prior to using these free wifi networks it is good to ensure that you are connecting to authenticated network that has been set-up from genuine provider. Often hackers set-up their fake networks having quiet similar names as that of original network so that if users by mistake login to their fake network, they can access all information that they want from user’s system. Another tip is never to carryout sensitive transaction from public wifi especially when it is related to social media sites, emails, e-commerce, and banking.
  • Hide IP address so that you can surf internet anonymously. Internet Protocol (IP) address is unique address of your system on the internet. This includes four numbers that are divided by dots. The numbers indicate subnetwork, domain, host computer, and network. By hiding IP address you are ensuring that personal data of yours is not getting leaked out online. There are several tools available if you want to hide IP address. When you surf internet anonymously you are protecting your internet privacy. Nothing illegal is there when it comes to hiding IP address. There are IP changer software also available online that will change IP address of your system when you browse the internet. When you hide IP address of your system, you are protecting it from spyware as well. Spyware is software that monitors all activities of user. IP address hiding also helps you to save yourself from constant pop-up advertisement bombardment.
  • Make use of web proxy chaining. Web proxy chain is useful for several scenarios. In big organizations, one can route proxy chain traffic from internal computers to servers upstream for protecting sections of network or edge of proxy chainingorganization. Here, as client makes request for downstream server, downstream server would attempt to server that is requesting object from cache. In case it can’t, request would be redirected as per web chaining rules that are pre-defined.
  • Delete entire internet history from all browsers once you are done with internet usage. Here, first step would be deleting previous Google history as well as restrict them from tracking future searches. If you are logged in to any of your accounts in browsers, disconnect the account once you are done with your work. Post this you should clear up your browsing history. Make sure that you have set pop-up blocker off so that websites that aren’t legal can’t send you ads. This will also save you from viewing useless ads that keep popping-up on your system simply annoying you. Internet is pretty vast and there are several ways by which cybercriminal can gain access to your confidential information. It depends on users how they avoid them.

Tips on how to safely use explorer surfing the internet

Internet Explorer is amongst the securest browsers available today. But if you want tips on increasing safety of explorer especially while surfing internet then read further. This browser is quiet safe as it comes with default safety features like safe internet surfinglocation filter and smartscreen filtering. It is having lots of safety features as well. All one requires is ensuring that they have those safety features turned on so as to enjoy completely safe and secure browsing.

  • Smart screen filter should be enabled. When installing Internet Explorer 9 or its later versions, you’ll be asked whether you wish turning on its Smart Screen Filter. In case this filter is already turned on then no issues else you can do it manually by going to Internet Options and then to Advanced Tab. Under Advanced Tab you will find Settings option click here and locate option Enable SmartScreen Filter. Click on the checkbox in case if it isn’t checked. Click on Ok for closing dialog box of Internet Options.
  • Prevent Location Tracking by websites. Here one option that is available is using proxy. It should be noted that all proxies aren’t trustable. For turning on location filter, you need to open Internet Options, go to Privacy tab and select checkbox that says “never allow websites to request your physical location”. It would provide you safety, not completely but to a large extent. There isn’t any other site like Google that would always find way for tracing user location when one is using their IP address while logging in to its site. Location Tracking offers little protection against malicious sites.
  • Security Zones of Explorer include four predefined zones namely Restricted sites, Trusted sites, Internet and Local intranet. For customizing security zones one requires opening Internet Explorer, then go to Settings, then Internet Options, and finally to Security tab. In this section, users can select zone as well as choose security levels that they wish setting for those zones individually.
  • Prevention against 3rd party cookies. It is a tough task using a site without permitting it to store 3rd party cookies on the system. But not all 3rd party cookies are always bad but when one is concerned with safety of Internet Explorer, it block-third-party-cookiesdefinitely is something to consider. For preventing sites to store cookies on your system you need to open dialog box for Internet Options using Tools menu or open from Control Panel or click Alt+T. Now go to Privacy tab and under Settings section one would see default slider value to be Medium. Medium setting allows sites to save 3rd party cookies when they visit some noted sites. As you don’t want anything from 3rd party, change these settings. For this click on Advanced Tab, tick the check box that says Override Automatic Cookie Handling. Now under 1st party cookies click on Accept and under 3rd party cookies select the Block option. Now click on OK and again OK for closing dialog box for Internet options. As a result, websites would be prevented from saving all unwanted cookies on the system.
  • Run security troubleshooter for Internet Explorer. It could be a good idea running security troubleshooter. This would check settings of Internet Explorer as well as offer recommendations. It would also enable phishing filter, pop-up blocker, Data Execution Prevention as well as reset all explorer settings to settings that are recommended.
  • Make use of proxy IP address. This is one of the best ways by which you can prevent outsiders from seeing actual or original IP address of your system. There are ip hiding tools as well that can be used for changing IP address or for creating proxy IP address.

Those who are using Internet Explorer 9, some security features that have been added to it are explained below:

  • It offers enhanced warning system potentially for dangerous downloads. There is a new feature called Application Reputation that will assist users in making safe decisions when downloading content from the internet. This feature makes use of reputation data that is available for preventing unnecessary warning for the programs having established reputation. This would also show warning when download is carrying high chances of being malicious.
  • Filters all content that could be dangerous. ActiveX Filtering feature will allow users to select which sites can run. When this control is allowed, only sites that users trust will be accessible hence reducing number of ways in which cybercriminals can cause harm to your system.activex-filtering
  • Assists users in avoiding malware and phishing scams. It comes with SmartScreen filter that will protect your system from sites that are found suspect of hosting various kinds of malicious content. As soon as this feature detects that the website can be unsafe, it would send an alert to users thereby providing them recommended actions as well.
  • Prevents privacy from tracking online. There are several sites that make use of technology that track activities that users perform when browsing internet. Tracking Protection is a feature that will assist users in protecting their privacy mainly from 3rd party trackers online. One can install Tracking Protection List that is offered by various providers that one trusts so as to allow or block 3rd party tracking.
  • Assists users in protecting against attacks like cross-site scripting. Usually cybercriminals search for vulnerabilities that are there in your site code so that it becomes easy for them to insert malicious code that can collect private information regarding site visitors. Once the cybercriminals exploit those vulnerable points in your code, they can hijack web account of users, perform unwanted actions, as well as monitor your keystrokes. With Explorer, all these attacks are minimized and malicious code is blocked by neutralizing them.

The era of the “Internet of Things”

With the advent of technology and latest developments many new phenomena and terms have been coined for different concepts and principles prevailing in the technological world. This being the era of computers, laptops and related technologies hence a new term have also been coined namely “internet of things”. Internet of things is the term given to allthe internet of things those devices that can be connected to internet and its activities can be monitored and an eye can be kept from distant on it. It can be anything whether human or animal in which a transmitter or biochip can be attached and connected to the internet devices. Its purpose is to exchange data with devices connected or in range. Each of the Internets of things is distinctly identifiable but it can operate within internet structure. There are various things included in it like, biochip, heart monitoring system, built in sensors of the vehicles, machines etc.

Internet of things finds application in various fields and areas. The term when was first coined in 1999 by Kevin Ashton it was not thought to have so many devices but it is predicted that by 2020 there will be 26 billion devices operating on this concept. The connectivity through internet is done by using IP address as an identifier. Some important fields in which internet of things finds application and is boosting the industry in one way are as follows.

Media – It is the most important part and is playing a very important role. The data about millions of users is utilized and is focused on target customers and the special and relevant advertisements are displayed on their screens.

Environmental monitoring is another area where it finds large application thereby benefiting humans. Here special sensors are used to keep a check on soil, atmospheric pressure, water and air. Through it, remote forest areas can be monitored Environmental-Monitoring-by-Internet-of-Thingsand behavior of animals can also be monitored for a long time. The information collected is helpful in finding appropriate solutions to problems and warns about the future dangers.

It has proven to be of great help in infrastructure management as the bridges; constructional sites, railway tracks, wind farms etc can be monitored. This can give alert to people beforehand and gives sufficient time to think and act upon it. It has helped in lowering the risks of accidents and causalities.

Manufacturing is another sensitive unit which requires 24X7 monitoring and even the slightest mistake may result in big accidents. Now manufacturing units are fully automated and sensors are used to indicate slightest change. Intelligent systems employed increases production and lowers life risk.

Energy management, home and building automation, transportation and large scale deployments are some other areas in which internet of things intelligent devices are widely used. In Health care sector it is a boon for patients as it provides heart monitoring emergency techniques. They monitor a person’s blood pressure and heart rate as well lowering the life risk.

What is the best antivirus 2014

Websites like www and carry out a number of tests on available anti-virus software to know their reliabilthe best antivirus 2014ity and actual performance. These testing websites carryout very useful tests like anti phishing, malware removal, file detection, performance, real world protection and behavioral tests to put reviews. During year 2014, best antivirus 2014 award went to bitdefender as it stood firmly successful in all tests.

With the help of summary reports, surveys, tests and statistics, bitdefender gained advantage over other software meant as anti-virus. Bitdefender in version 5.3 with SP1, bit 32 Window platform is perfect in providing protection against malware infections like Trojan horses, worms and viruses. It is best in providing protection against zero day malware. In real world testing it was O.K. with web and email threats.

bitdefender internet security 2015Detection of wide spread and quite prevalent malware is done by this anti-virus software. The product was
put on test against real world threats and capacities were tested by testing websites with use of all components and protection layers. Its performance on device and its influence on the computer speed in daily routine were tested and 100% marks were given in downloading software, copying data, visiting websites and installing and running programs.

Its usability on entire computer was also put to test and it was found that it never gave false warnings or blockages while visiting websites and never detected legal software as a malware during scanning of the system. It also never happened that it blocked certain actions or issued false warnings while installing and using legal software.

In this way, the product was 100% success in usability, protection and performance. It posed no problem in speed of the system on which it was installed. It eliminates all viruses with a single click. Secure your small business with complete protection. It provides stability and performance for enterprises.

Bitdefender Total Security software is with fast tune up, two way firewall, privacy protection, safe banking, anti theft device laced and with secure online storage for multipurpose use. Thus it is loaded with lot of wonderful features of wide use. It costs just $ 89.95 which is a meager amount to provide complete protection against viruses.

Bitdefender Total Security Multi Device software costs $ 99.95. This anti-virus is with two way firewall, safe banking activity, fitted with anti theft device, self learning shield, fast tune up and privacy
protection to hundred percent satisfaction of users. It is further loaded with artificial intelligence and exploits defense system, making it more useful in routine.

bitdefender-2015-v18As the best antivirus 2014, bitdefender 2015 continue to protect against heterogeneous internet environments, you can find a detailed bitdefender review here. It can defeat all threats and acts as best performer. It is with SMB protection which is capable of protecting any number of end points. Keep away internet threats, malware and scams by installing bitdefender. Though a number of other antivirus solutions are available in market but bitdefender is choice of masses, so you too make it your choice.

7 Cool Technologies in TV Series “The flash”

The TV series ”The Flash” is based upon DC Comics character Flash. Barry Allen is with super human The-Flash-TV-Seriesspeeds and powers to work as costumed crime fighter. He witnesses his father’s illegal conviction and mother’s wrongful murder by a mysterious yellow. To investigate the matter he becomes crime scene investigator with detective Joe West and works for Central Police Department. With obsession of tragic past, he takes help of scientific advancements and paranormal occurrences in investigating the above matters.

Allen doused with chemicals in his laboratory due to storm caused by malfunctioning of an advanced particle accelerator. He awakens from coma after nine months and finds himself able to use superhuman speeds and powers just by chance. In the storm, many
criminals also get super human powers and they use it for barry allen hit by lighteningvictimization of humans. Allen along with close friends and associates vow to use meta-human capabilities to curb violence of meta-human criminals. During his journey, he gains unexpected Allies and aid from secret forces but with an agenda of their own to manipulate him.


Some examples of cool technologies adopted in the Serial can be mentioned:

1.Flash is very fast in movements, thinking and light speeds even encountering the God.

2.The character can pass through wall adopting cool technology called Quantum tunneling.

3.They can present themselves in any era of time and can also borrow great speeds.quantum-tunneling-device

4.All the members have Aura around their bodies and clothes, a very good example of cool technology adoption, to nullify the effect of air friction when they move at high speeds of super human nature.

5.Flash’s speed is much more than that of Superman. This helps him in competing with Superman and to win race.

6.Immunity to telepathy is allowed to characters in “The Flash” because they think very fast. Even their thoughts are so rapid in reading or influencing opponents’ mind that it is very difficult to telepath them. This is a wonderful use of cool technology.

7.Speed talked about in the Series has also been used for effects of comedy. Flash in excitement, talks at a very fast rate resulting in delivering words which are unclear and giving comedic effects by becoming just jumble of noise. Flash and other speedsters can also speak to each other in much accelerated rate which is beauty of cool technology adoption.

Series revolves around drama, fantasy, science fiction, action and adventure. The man in the Yellow suit is a mystery and none know him apart from this that he is a bad guy and frightening. He is always a step ahead of Barry. The script, acting, direction and special effects introduced in the series make it worth appreciation. The movements reveal how fantasy can affect mindset of spectators making each episode very interesting and thrilling.

The concepts in this science fiction provide thought for development of technology. ‘The Flash’ TV serial has consolidated all principles and parameters of cool technologies to provide a high class entertainment.

6 Highlights of New Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Introduction of Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

New Mac OS X Yosemite was released on October 16, 2014. It is the latest version of Mac Operating system developed by Apple. It has many new features. The overall user experience has improved with interface depths and translucency effects. Textural clarity too has got improved from the previous version. Minor refinements in desktop operating system of Apple have given this version more acceptability. It is with many visual improvements. Its usability has also increased with new version, Yosemite.

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Desktop

New Design

In new design of the 10.10 version, controls which are easy, smart and clear have been provided. New version also includes translucent elements, streamline toolbars, brighter colors, typography and more consistent and flatter icon design features. A new look has been provided along with clear guidelines in designs for clarity, deference and depth.

Visual changes in Yosemite are in interface. Red, yellow and green buttons in flat circle shape have been added to close, minimize and expand a window. Retina display clue has also been added. Translucency around the operating system can be changed as desired. There is a Dark Mode option in the product which helps menu bars to look darker in dark environment.


Feature, one device complement to other has been built up with this version. The work started on iPad or iPhone can be continued on Mac. Addition of Instant Hotspot helps in appearance of Messages on all devices even iOS-7-AirDrop-range-variesif sent from single device. Of course all devices should be on the same network.

Air Drop

This version is capable of getting protocols back in sync. It promises full functioning of cross platform.

Notification Center

This feature provides a quick look to new Today view. Introduced Notification Center widgets help in viewing World Clock, stocks, weather, calendar and reminders for important matters pending today. The new model is very useful to Developers because API is open to use to create custom widgets and to sell them on Mac App Store. These widgets can be easily downloaded from the Mac App Store. New widgets are social for posting on Face book and Twitter.

ICloud Drive

This feature helps to store any type of file on online store in cloud. Better iOS integration is visible when it operates. Mail drop feature added in version helps to automatically upload the attachment larger than 5 MB to iCloud. It happens behind the scene.

Spot Light

Search feature in this new version can find applications and contents on the internet. This feature is much improved and broader. It is fabulous while providing search results from App Store, Wikipedia, iBook Store and mac mail-markup-feature

New Mail features and private browsing are other important features added to make it more useful. Markup feature is great in allowing the user to make addition for annotations to images and
PDFs from inside the available Mail.

Shortcomings in New Version

In new version, Mac’s operating system needs further improvement. A number of continuity features do not work satisfactorily. Wi-Fi is also not workable effectively.

Do I Need to Hide My IP Address Even If I Never Do Bad Things Online

IP address or internal protocol address is in numerical so that other devices or websites can trace your computer easily. It is the identity of your computer. It contains information regarding your location, language used on it, browser and name of internet service Provider Company. A static IP address has the same set of numbers while in dynamic IP address, numerical change time to time. These numbers indicate the domain, sub network, network and the computer device.

hackerWe live in an internet environment where hackers are roaming freely. Experts in hacking can retrieve a lot of confidential information. So to prevent identity theft, it is a must to hide IP address. Though your intentions may be honest, even then the hackers may pass on information on your computer to your business opponents or other competitors making you a lot of personal loss.

To retrieve important information from system, hackers may send harmful viruses, spyware or malware to your computer by using your IP address. It will make accessible your personal information on computer to hackers. It is legal and you are entitled to hide IP because it provides complete anonymity for work done online on the computer. Your IP address is for your personal use and no one can use it without your permission.

By utilizing some kind of IP hider address one can hide the work place on computer avoiding danger of getting personal information retrieved by the hackers. Also hide personal IP address from IP of another country so as to bypass information which is generally restricted. Persons frequent in online shopping should also hide IP address because some unsafe websites if hacked may provide complete access to your payment system or other important data.

Preventing spam and avoiding spam ban are major benefits of hiding IP address. When you visit a website, identity protectionyour IP gets stored there. These websites with wrong intention may spam your computer or email. If through your IP address you are habitual of making comments on blogs, forums etc, these forums and blogs may put a ban on you. So in order to avoid ban, conceal your IP address from these websites.

An important advantage of hiding IP address is that no other website can monitor your online activities. With hidden IP address, you do not receive junk and bulk emails. You also get relief from bombarding pop-ups giving advertisement of products. It is very irritating and disturbing while concentrating on work. It also lowers down the efficiency of the computer.

Good software which has the capacity to support frequent changes in IP address shall be very beneficial to protect your privacy from hackers. Hiding your IP address is the best way to safeguard you from any fraud. There are various ways to hide the IP address depending upon the reliability and convenience. One sure way to hide IP is to download and install VPN software. Web proxy system to hide IP address allows entering a particular website address to communicate with other websites, thus hiding your IP address.

7 Awesome Things A Internet Geek Would Like To Do

Internet Geeks will love to do a lot of things but some awesome things they repeat every time are common amongst them all over world. They explore the system and make every thing easier. Being a geek is more acceptable now-a-days.internet geek

Geeks love to find new uses for the programs as they can be used for more activities apart from the intended purpose. They discover its ins and outs to make it multipurpose. Examples are Dropbox which can also be used to monitor home computer, downloading data with BitTorrent and also printing files from afar. Gmail can also help in storing files in cloud or in search of stolen laptop.

They love to make the space key to write the Word Space. In it they make the computer of victim to type “SPACE” every time by hitting the space bar. They love to create AutoHot key and drop in to hide tray icon and to set up hotkey for replacing the text.

Geeks make Command line a very useful tool to grab something like Cygwin in Windows. They use it like a Ninja. They can set system maintenance to run on a schedule with Task Scheduler built in Windows, Simple alarm, picture uploads can also be done with tools built-in in Windows.

Internet Geeks look for hidden features in systems. These secret features are in Windows’ registry, OSX’s terminal, Mac’s Onyx, Ultimate Window Tweaker and Ubuntu Tweak. Geeks love to crack passwords to break into a computer. It helps a lot in understanding the techniques adopted by hackers and thieves to get your data. They too love to crack Wi-Fi network’s WEP and WPA password.

tong-geek-keyboardKeyboard is a playground for geeks and they explore shortcuts for Gmail, basic text boxes, Microsoft Word and Facebook. Geeks, with knowledge of Linux Basics, can run old and slow PC, trouble shoots the system and many more Linux based DIV project. They are fond of tweaking to push hardware past the original limits so that they get few serious bangs for buck. Over clocking of processor and video card and building of Hackintosh by installing OSX on non Mac sets is their preference.

Geek can write advanced scripts even without knowledge of programming language. They become experts in controlling PC through remote with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Game geek is never cool on smart phones in games like Candy Crush or Flappy Bird. The geek shall inherit the whole earth.

They love to activate high contrast mode with a single hot key. They can easily set the mouse pointer to look busy giving an impression of PC in hang. They love to troubleshoot a new tab in such a way that it appears on a web page at certain time interval repeatedly.

Magic is performed by internet geeks for pleasure but they become headaches and sometimes pleasures for others. It is your chance, how you face them but they are definitely genius in their efforts. Make pleasure with them and learn tricks of numbers on internet.

What is cyber bullying and how to deal with it

Cyber bullying is bullying with use of electronic technology. It is usually carried out with computers, tablets, cell phones etc through social media sites, chat, text message and other websites. It is to harm or harass a person repeatedly and deliberately. It may go to extent of publishing materials to humiliate and defame persons.

cyberbullying_gender_statisticWith advancement in information technology, it is very common in teenagers and kids. It has been well defined in legal terms in a number of countries. Cell phone is the most common medium to carry out bullying. It is considered very convenient source of bullying as one need not to be face-to-face with the victim. Victimization of girls is more common in cyber bullying.

It is very difficult to know exact number of persons reported being cyber bullied. It may happen to all age groups. Approximately one in four teens admitted that they were bullied at some stage. Out of 6 teens, one also admitted that he/she bullied someone. Sometimes bullying is by accident because of impersonal matters of text message sent by non detectable sender.

Signs which are common in victimized persons may be summed up. The victim shall be emotionally upset after use of communication device. The victim shall be very secretive or protective of one’s digital life and will shy in meeting with friends and family members. He/she will not like to talk in group and will be nervous on getting email, text message or phone call. His/her mood, sleep pattern, behavior, appetite and reaction to friends’ response shall change.

cyber bullying effectsEffects of cyber bullying are very serious. One feels non stop blasting with no scope of escape. It may cause depression, anxiety, stress and other related problems on frequent cyber bullying. Problem is that the victim who is generally a youth or kid never reports this type of victimization to parents. There is high risk of suicidal attempts and thoughts. Under deep stress, cases of suicides have also been reported.


Lot of patience is needed in dealing with cyber bullying. Parents are the best persons to guide the victimized teens, girls, boys and kids. It is a type of crime. If recognized well, the bully may be suspended from school or kicked off from sports team. He/she may be blocked on electronic devices as almost all the devices have settings for this.

Parental control options on electronic devices help to read the text messages and emails. They can know online life of teens and kids. Parents can advice them to maintain a secured password and never to share personal information with unknown persons and even with suspicious friends. The victim should be trained to withstand frustration, hurt, anger and all the strong emotions with healthy thinking.

If you are parent of a bully, tell him/her the ill effects of bullying, joking or teasing. Tell him/her that its continuance may result in serious consequences for him/her in school, society and home. Give a meditation therapy or arrange a meeting with Counselor and also the school teacher.

If you need more information or help on cyber bullying and how to deal with it, we suggest you visit Hope we can togegher stop cyber bullying and leave our kids a better cyber life.