Do I Need to Hide My IP Address Even If I Never Do Bad Things Online

IP address or internal protocol address is in numerical so that other devices or websites can trace your computer easily. It is the identity of your computer. It contains information regarding your location, language used on it, browser and name of internet service Provider Company. A static IP address has the same set of numbers while in dynamic IP address, numerical change time to time. These numbers indicate the domain, sub network, network and the computer device.

hackerWe live in an internet environment where hackers are roaming freely. Experts in hacking can retrieve a lot of confidential information. So to prevent identity theft, it is a must to hide IP address. Though your intentions may be honest, even then the hackers may pass on information on your computer to your business opponents or other competitors making you a lot of personal loss.

To retrieve important information from system, hackers may send harmful viruses, spyware or malware to your computer by using your IP address. It will make accessible your personal information on computer to hackers. It is legal and you are entitled to hide IP because it provides complete anonymity for work done online on the computer. Your IP address is for your personal use and no one can use it without your permission.

By utilizing some kind of IP hider address one can hide the work place on computer avoiding danger of getting personal information retrieved by the hackers. Also hide personal IP address from IP of another country so as to bypass information which is generally restricted. Persons frequent in online shopping should also hide IP address because some unsafe websites if hacked may provide complete access to your payment system or other important data.

Preventing spam and avoiding spam ban are major benefits of hiding IP address. When you visit a website, identity protectionyour IP gets stored there. These websites with wrong intention may spam your computer or email. If through your IP address you are habitual of making comments on blogs, forums etc, these forums and blogs may put a ban on you. So in order to avoid ban, conceal your IP address from these websites.

An important advantage of hiding IP address is that no other website can monitor your online activities. With hidden IP address, you do not receive junk and bulk emails. You also get relief from bombarding pop-ups giving advertisement of products. It is very irritating and disturbing while concentrating on work. It also lowers down the efficiency of the computer.

Good software which has the capacity to support frequent changes in IP address shall be very beneficial to protect your privacy from hackers. Hiding your IP address is the best way to safeguard you from any fraud. There are various ways to hide the IP address depending upon the reliability and convenience. One sure way to hide IP is to download and install VPN software. Web proxy system to hide IP address allows entering a particular website address to communicate with other websites, thus hiding your IP address.

7 Awesome Things A Internet Geek Would Like To Do

Internet Geeks will love to do a lot of things but some awesome things they repeat every time are common amongst them all over world. They explore the system and make every thing easier. Being a geek is more acceptable now-a-days.internet geek

Geeks love to find new uses for the programs as they can be used for more activities apart from the intended purpose. They discover its ins and outs to make it multipurpose. Examples are Dropbox which can also be used to monitor home computer, downloading data with BitTorrent and also printing files from afar. Gmail can also help in storing files in cloud or in search of stolen laptop.

They love to make the space key to write the Word Space. In it they make the computer of victim to type “SPACE” every time by hitting the space bar. They love to create AutoHot key and drop in to hide tray icon and to set up hotkey for replacing the text.

Geeks make Command line a very useful tool to grab something like Cygwin in Windows. They use it like a Ninja. They can set system maintenance to run on a schedule with Task Scheduler built in Windows, Simple alarm, picture uploads can also be done with tools built-in in Windows.

Internet Geeks look for hidden features in systems. These secret features are in Windows’ registry, OSX’s terminal, Mac’s Onyx, Ultimate Window Tweaker and Ubuntu Tweak. Geeks love to crack passwords to break into a computer. It helps a lot in understanding the techniques adopted by hackers and thieves to get your data. They too love to crack Wi-Fi network’s WEP and WPA password.

tong-geek-keyboardKeyboard is a playground for geeks and they explore shortcuts for Gmail, basic text boxes, Microsoft Word and Facebook. Geeks, with knowledge of Linux Basics, can run old and slow PC, trouble shoots the system and many more Linux based DIV project. They are fond of tweaking to push hardware past the original limits so that they get few serious bangs for buck. Over clocking of processor and video card and building of Hackintosh by installing OSX on non Mac sets is their preference.

Geek can write advanced scripts even without knowledge of programming language. They become experts in controlling PC through remote with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Game geek is never cool on smart phones in games like Candy Crush or Flappy Bird. The geek shall inherit the whole earth.

They love to activate high contrast mode with a single hot key. They can easily set the mouse pointer to look busy giving an impression of PC in hang. They love to troubleshoot a new tab in such a way that it appears on a web page at certain time interval repeatedly.

Magic is performed by internet geeks for pleasure but they become headaches and sometimes pleasures for others. It is your chance, how you face them but they are definitely genius in their efforts. Make pleasure with them and learn tricks of numbers on internet.

What is cyber bullying and how to deal with it

Cyber bullying is bullying with use of electronic technology. It is usually carried out with computers, tablets, cell phones etc through social media sites, chat, text message and other websites. It is to harm or harass a person repeatedly and deliberately. It may go to extent of publishing materials to humiliate and defame persons.

cyberbullying_gender_statisticWith advancement in information technology, it is very common in teenagers and kids. It has been well defined in legal terms in a number of countries. Cell phone is the most common medium to carry out bullying. It is considered very convenient source of bullying as one need not to be face-to-face with the victim. Victimization of girls is more common in cyber bullying.

It is very difficult to know exact number of persons reported being cyber bullied. It may happen to all age groups. Approximately one in four teens admitted that they were bullied at some stage. Out of 6 teens, one also admitted that he/she bullied someone. Sometimes bullying is by accident because of impersonal matters of text message sent by non detectable sender.

Signs which are common in victimized persons may be summed up. The victim shall be emotionally upset after use of communication device. The victim shall be very secretive or protective of one’s digital life and will shy in meeting with friends and family members. He/she will not like to talk in group and will be nervous on getting email, text message or phone call. His/her mood, sleep pattern, behavior, appetite and reaction to friends’ response shall change.

cyber bullying effectsEffects of cyber bullying are very serious. One feels non stop blasting with no scope of escape. It may cause depression, anxiety, stress and other related problems on frequent cyber bullying. Problem is that the victim who is generally a youth or kid never reports this type of victimization to parents. There is high risk of suicidal attempts and thoughts. Under deep stress, cases of suicides have also been reported.


Lot of patience is needed in dealing with cyber bullying. Parents are the best persons to guide the victimized teens, girls, boys and kids. It is a type of crime. If recognized well, the bully may be suspended from school or kicked off from sports team. He/she may be blocked on electronic devices as almost all the devices have settings for this.

Parental control options on electronic devices help to read the text messages and emails. They can know online life of teens and kids. Parents can advice them to maintain a secured password and never to share personal information with unknown persons and even with suspicious friends. The victim should be trained to withstand frustration, hurt, anger and all the strong emotions with healthy thinking.

If you are parent of a bully, tell him/her the ill effects of bullying, joking or teasing. Tell him/her that its continuance may result in serious consequences for him/her in school, society and home. Give a meditation therapy or arrange a meeting with Counselor and also the school teacher.

If you need more information or help on cyber bullying and how to deal with it, we suggest you visit Hope we can togegher stop cyber bullying and leave our kids a better cyber life.